Our Arabic Keyboard is only available on desktop computers. If you’re looking for Arabic Keyboards for your Android or iPhone check out our recommended apps below.

iphone arabic keyboard
Android Arabic Keyboard


At you can simply type your arabic online and perform your search in Google. 


Using our Arabic Keyboard is very simple. Just use your mouse to spell Arabic letters with our online keyboard – your text will then be converted into Arabic for you to copy and paste wherever you wish.


If you are using our Arabic Keyboard on a smartphone you’ll need to press and hold on the Arabic text to copy it. You can then paste your Arabic anywhere you like such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and more.


Arabic Keyboard Download

Our online Arabic Keyboard is completely free to use with no need to download any software onto your computer. Just type your English text into our online Arabic Keyboard and it will be instantly converted into accurate Arabic.


Arabic Keyboard Translation

Do you need to convert some English text to Arabic? Easy! Just type your text into our Arabic Keyboard above and it will instantly be converted into Arabic for you to copy and past or even use our one click Arabic Google search.


Arabic Keyboard for iPhone & iPad

If you would like to install an Arabic Keyboard on your iPhone or iPad – we recommend this app from the App store.


Arabic Keyboard for Android

If you are looking for an Arabic Keyboard for Android – check out this app from the Google Play store.


About Arabic Keyboards

Arabic is written from right to left so once you start typing in our keyboard your Arabic characters will appear starting from the right hand side. The Arabic Keyboard layout was first developed over 100 years ago by Syrian Inventor, Selim Shibli Haddad. If you notice Latin characters on our Arabic Keyboard, this is because they are necessary for URL’s & emails.